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Craig’s thousands of hours of meditation & his counseling with individuals (during his 35 years as a yoga monk) taught him how to guide individuals to re-discover their own power, achieve intuitive clarity, and live lives of outer happiness & inner joy.  In many ways, Craig remains a “monk”, who can support you in aligning your career and relationships with your values.

He can help you understand your role in life…then consciously align your feelings, thoughts and actions. He'll help you realize that you are something greater than anything and everything you are seeking.  He'll support you as you address those forks on the road (which are unique opportunities to re-align your career & relationships) in ways that are more creative and fulfilling.

Craig also teaches ways to overcome the ego’s resistance and ways to create from your Higher Self.  You’ll receive your own tool-kit of practical methods developed from Craig’s years of meditation, study and counseling – customized to meet your needs.

Understanding When It’s Time To Move Forward

I know countless people who want to change their lives “some day”. In contrast, there are others ready to make inspired shifts and step into a new chapter TODAY. This kind of intuitive summons is an actual “calling”. These inspired people are willing to enlarge their paradigms and embrace a heroic journey.

If this is you… you’ll recognize a feeling of urgency and sense that “this is my time to move forward”. If so, this mindfulness program may be what you’ve been looking for. 


What I Know For Sure

After counseling thousands of people for nearly 50 years, today I am certain that every individual can live a healthy and fulfilling life - free from stress, fear, limitations and distractions. We all have an untapped potential and are seeking greater clarity, confidence and meaning in our personal and professional lives.

To achieve these goals, we need three things: 1) to learn our personal life-purpose, 2) to understand the vibrational laws of the universe, and 3) to get personal support during periods of transition. My role is to help people honor their deepest call. I do this through:

  1. A Discovery Process– to find out what means the most to them
  2. Transition Skills and how to learn & un-learn 
  3. Tools and Support for inner & outer success

“They say, when you’re receptive, the universe pours out a blessing. Craig was mine.”                           -- Brian Theiss, executive fitness consultant

"Craig’s Mindfulness Program is unique. It has provided a “bridge” for me to integrate my personal and professional life. Dr. Phil and Eckhart Tolle, move over!"                       -- Ward Hendon, founding partner, Axiom Legal Services

“I recommend Craig’s Life-Purpose coaching to all my friends. He’s a unique gift to the world.”    -- Fred Segal, fashion icon, entrepreneur, philanthropist

"What I respect about Craig is his commitment to living his life- purpose and unselfishly helping others discover and manifest their vision. His openness and lack of judgment allows me to be completely honest about who I am, while moving forward on my increasingly purposeful journey."
                                         -- Dr. Paul Dougherty, eye surgeon, Dougherty Laser Vision

Working with Craig has made this the best time of my life!
                                       -- Joaquin Vargas, traffic engineer

“When I learned my Life-Purpose, I learned what made me tick.”
                                       -- Bobi Leonard, Malibu designer