In His Own Words...

Who AM I? 
I answer this question by saying that I’ve lived many lives in this life! I’ve been an…actor, baseball player, Boy Scout, army recruit, photographer and film director – before I was a yoga monk, minister, public speaker, consultant, life-coach, ghostwriter, and now a householder. Through all these roles I’ve navigated a process of Self-realization, learning and un-learning, experiencing a deeper understanding that I am something greater than anything and everything I was seeking. Behind it all, there was always my deeper Self and my unique life-purpose. Like you, I’m a hero (creating my own reality) & and also a heretic (Greek, lit. “one who is able to choose”). 

I was a student of life since my early years.  I always questioned things.  After attending the funeral of a family friend at age 10, I was powerfully moved to answer life’s bigger questions.

As a child actor I grew up amidst celebrities, and was troubled to see how unhappy many of them were.  I next ventured into many cultures, as a photographer working in Egypt, Greece and Europe. I graduated from the University of Southern California, majoring in public relations and film production, and then my life took a left turn.

I became a yoga monk.  When I was 23 years old, I moved into an ashram and for 35 years, I meditated, studied, and served.  

I was mentored by an inspired and saintly monk. After a dozen years, I was ordained a swami and was given the name Brother Mitrananda (which means “bliss through friendship”). For 15 years I was responsible for training the youngest monks, and became a minister and public speaker, addressing large audiences around the world. Yet, after 35 years, my life took a second left turn, and my karma & dharma thrust back into the world, which led me to develop a new life, a new role, and new sense of Self.  Looking back, I see the value of each chapter.

What I know now

I believe that each of us has a unique Life-Purpose.  We all have a special insight into our innermost core. Each person still has that inspired inner knowing. It’s the essence of who we are. When people learn to live in alignment with their personal Life-Purpose, they begin to experience a continuing series of so-called “miracles”.  
I see this every day.



M E E T    C R A I G


Craig grew up as a child actor in Hollywood and later graduated from USC Film School. Then, at age 23, his life changed direction. His spirit of inquiry called him to become a yoga monk, and he lived in a monastery for the next 35 years. As a popular minister and counselor, Craig counseled thousands around the world, including many well-known people.

As a monk, Craig led a life of meditation, seclusion and service and studied the teachings of East and West. He taught monks and householders how to develop intuition, face fears, and how people could realize their deepest dreams. His powerful communication skills have empowered many to take a stand for what meant the most to them.

Today, Craig is a transformational mentor, life-coach, and friend.  He helps individuals align their careers & relationships with their innermost dreams. Through a unique process of Self-discovery, Craig expertly leads individuals to identify a deeper understanding of what means the most to them. Clients develop the clarity & confidence required to manifest their individual life-purpose in their personal & professional lives. This integration leads to greater material success while sustaining inner joy, the essence of Self-realization.

Clients praise Craig’s sincerity, depth and humor, and his special ability to create a safe space, where personal transformation can more quickly manifest.  He works with clients on both their personal and professional bases worldwide via telephone and Internet. 

Craig’s book, The Next You, reflects his lifelong commitment to personal growth. He has also published numerous articles on mindfulness, meditation, inner peace, and life purpose.  He is considered one of the most dynamic thought-leaders of our time.  As a public speaker, Craig has addressed groups as large as 7,000, and audiences are always moved by his warmth, wit and ability to connect on a personal level. His coaching and mentorship are often called “life-changing”, and reflect his personal commitment to his clients’ deepest dreams.

       I AM AT HEART…

  • Continuing to learn & unlearn

  • Committed to helping people take a stand for what means the most to them

  • Committed and non-judgmental empowerer

  • An empathetic listener

  • A heretic (one who is able to choose) - willing to question and follow the quest

  • A veteran of many transitions (allowing me to reinvent myself)

  • A student of both East and West